B2B Trade Shows Are Tough!

B2B Trade shows. If you do them right, you’ll make it back to the office, exhausted but satisfied you made the best of it.
Disclamer Never start anything without putting to place a solid marketing streategy, Plan an a clear set of Goals!

Let’s face it B2B Trade shows can bring even the hardiest CMD to tears. Here’s 7 practical tips that should help you make the most out of any event.

Tips 1: Plan – Well in advance

I know the is going to sound somewhat zealous, but I like to plan a year in advance,. You really want a nice big list of B2B trade shows that are relevant to your industry, business, products and solution. I normally begin planning events well in advance of next year’s budget’s cycle. Events can take a huge chunk of your marketing budget. So It’s wise to select the best options for success.

The yearly event list should look something like this event 2016

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