AT EMI we have a real passion for delivering credible, actionable, analyzed data. Our mission is to create expert insight that is easy to understand and has tangible value for your company. Collaboration is at the heart of our business model both with our clients and within our expert community. As our clients understand, we are very different from traditional analysts. we are committed to understanding your business and market and how change may impact them.

Expert Market insight provides custom industry research services. Our qualitative analysis is focused on bringing a real Expert opinion to industry research.

Analysts and Experts

EMI Research teams are headed up by our Directing Analysts and made up of relevant Experts from around the globe. The core of our insight is created by a community of expert professionals who have years of experience in their relative fields. Our collective knowledge and experience can help overcome your challenges and deliver tangible results for your business. Our active community will give you the inside track and inform you about potential threats, opportunities and the appropriate action to take.

Expert Blogs

EMI Analysts and Experts author several industry blogs that are focused on our core areas of expertise. We believe real expert analysis is about experience, insight and in-depth knowledge. That is what we share here, in real-time.

Telecoms Blog

Telecoms industry blog providing insights on telecom pricing, data plans and strategy.

Cyber Security Blog

Cyber security industry blog - insights on by cyber security trends, innovation and challenges.

Fintech Blog

Insights on the fintech market, following trends from banking lending & blockchain to payments & investing.

Research Reports and Collaterals

Takepoint Research provides a variety of services to address the supply and demand sides of the Markets and verticals we serve. To purchase research reports or inquire regarding custom research.