Establish your strategy and position your company accordingly.
Does your company clearly articulate what is does? Why it’s relevant? How it’s different!

Target Market Intelligence

At EMI, we create a broad picture of your company’s existing markets, customers, challenges and competition. Our analysts conduct a rigorous analysis, providing you expert insight with actionable conclusions.

Brand Positioning and Messaging

Through strategic brand positioning, we analyze your customers and target audience to create a unique impression for a competitive advantage. By defining your most compelling benefits in clear, strategic messaging, together we create a meaningful and sustainable company message.

Competitive Intelligence and Analysis

EMI analysts conduct strategic overviews of competitive environments and deep-dive detailed analysis of specific competitors. We map out your competitive landscape and analyze threats and opportunities so that your marketing, business and sales strategies are fully aligned and accurately reflect your position in the market.

Target Persona Development

We help you better understand your target audience with target persona development. At EMI, we narrow down your target audiences to specific people, jobs, roles with responsibility, names, pains, gains and key decision and success criteria. A thorough understanding of your target personas will enable you to deeply engage with your prospects on a personal level.

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